Looking To Hire a Campervan in Brisbane? Read this first.

Brisbane abounds in beautiful parks and natural attractions. The Brisbane wheel and the wealthy theatrical scenes attract tourists from all across the world. You can enjoy the glistening white beaches, picturesque islands, clear blue water of the Great Barrier Reef and a host of forest parks all within an hours drive of Brisbane. This place is filled with culture, life and wonderful culinary experiences. Brisbane has a lot more to offer than initially meets the eye and the city provides much more than just the metropolitan life. All these features and more are best appreciated with the aid of a campervan. And with some great savings available both on and off peak season, Rental campervans in Brisbane are not only convenient, they’re also light on your pocket.

What should you know about hiring a campervan?

What does Brisbane have to offer for those looking to get back to nature?
If you are adventurous and have a desire for wildlife, the Forest Park of Brisbane happens to be among the best destinations to head to. Also known as D’Aguilar Park, wildlife also plays a major role in enticing tourist to this beautiful sanctuary, home to platypi, snakes and many other native animals. You can explore the sub-tropical rainforests, including a reservoir with the magnificent backdrop of Brisbane’s fabled vegetation.

The park itself saves some of Queensland’s most endangered natural greenery from extincting through deforestation. This large forest reserve admirably caters for the Australian tourists’ green culture, and by visiting you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your bit to save this precious wonder. It is the perfect place for camping or even lying out under the stars in a hammock. But most of all it can be enjoyed by hiring a campervan.

Does Brisbane cater to campervans?

Brisbane is a hot destination for the campervan community right now, with many campervan communities springing up around the city’s many popular tourist hotspots, from the Sunshine coast, to the Gold coast, Surfers paradise, Noosa, Fraser Island as well as the several idyllic towns spread all through the Hinterland. All of these are just one hour’s drive or less from Brisbane’s CBD. Brisbane is also ripe with activities for all age groups and interests. It has got extraordinary camping facilities which make recharging and re-stocking your camper a breeze.

What makes Brisbane so popular for exploring via campervan?

Brisbane enjoys an exceptional climate having an average yearly temperature of about 26c (79F). Nicknamed “the Sunshine city”, Brisbane gets some of the most sunshine in all the world thanks to it’s proximity to the equator. In Brisbane, you are always near a major town and to all the activities and entertainment it offers, like the famous theme parks Movie World, Water World, Sea World as well as adventure parks such as Australia Zoo and the Ettamogah Pub.

So do yourself a favor on your next trip to Brisbane. Don’t make the mistake of tying yourself to a hotel room. Read some traveling blogs, then buy or rent a camper, and get the most out of all Brisbane has to offer.

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