Hiring a Campervan in Australia – Tips and Tricks

Hiring a camper to travel round Australia can add an extra touch of adventure and extravagance to your next holiday. There are many beautiful travel destinations in Australia which are bound to leave you mesmerized and wanting for more, and there is no better way to explore this beautiful country than by hiring a campervan. These luxury vehicles are designed specifically to make traveling as enjoyable as possible by catering to all your travel requirements, from bedding, to cooking to power, and even bathrooms. There is not limit to the number of rental companies across Australia, from Sydney to Brisbane to Alice Springs, but if you want to make the most of your hired campervan, you need to be sure you’ve picked the right company, and the right vehicle.

How to find the best camper for you

There are many rental companies operating in Australia, but finding one that you can feel safe in relying on can mean the difference between a relaxing holiday and a stressful breakdown. To identify a reliable rental company, check out advice from travellers which provide information on the best companies in the industry, and also the best deals on campervans. You can list out those companies which offer a campervan of your choice and compare the rental quotes to seek out the best of them.

What are the charges in a campervan hire?

The rental charges comprise of the base charge of hiring the campervan along with the extra services you choose on the vehicle, such as insurance, petrol and various in-camper facilities. Apart from this, there will also be the possibility that you may face cleaning charges, road side assistance costs, etc. if the camper is damaged.

How to identify the right campervan for you?

There are plenty of different types of campervans offered for rent by the various companies in Australia. You will find the basic 2 berth models, 3 berth, 4 berth, 5 berth and the 6 berth models. These will come in both 2 and 4 wheel drive options. You can choose a model as per your travel group requirements. However, you need to seek a vehicle that has all the features which you may require on your holiday, so be sure to look at the amenities offered in each case.

How to hire a campervan?

Most of the rental companies these days offer you an easy booking service through their website. However, you can still call or directly visit the rental company to make campervan booking, if you’d rather inspect the camper in person.┬áMost of the campervan hire Australia companies allow you to pick your own pick up and drop off location to add convenience to your travel trip. In some cases you may be required to visit a depot, but these are generally close to all city centres.

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